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  • 1890

A seaside parcel of 2091sqm with an erected (still unfinished) two-story building of 185sqm.

The property is located in the seaside settlement Agali in Agia Anna. The northeast is bordered by a municipal road, then a sandy stretch and beyond it with the sea. According to a decision of the Forestry Department of the Prefecture of Evia (Limni’s Forest Office) the 500sqm of the total area is designated as a private forest.

Geographical location – Access – Information about the area – Property location

A factor in the importance and valuation of a property is its location which is: Central Greece, Euboea Island, Nileos Municipality (Mandoudi-Lake-Agia Anna), Agali Coastal Settlement, By the waterfront promenade.

Island of Evia

The position of Evia in Greece is east of the mainland. It connects to it either via the high bridge or via the old bridge of Euripus. Thus, although it is an island, access to it is not dependent on weather, air (airplane) or sea (boat), and that is very important.

The time distance from Athens Airport to Agali where the property is located is just 2.15 min.

The route from Athens Airport to Agali settlement takes place in a large part of the plane trees and pines and especially from spring until October is amazing.

Northern Evia is still unexplored and untouched by the massive turnout of tourists. Those who discover it become fanatical fans mainly for the wonderful nature, the tranquility, the swim from the sea of Evoikos and the Aegean Sea to the mountainous landscapes and villages in just a few kilometers, the picturesque villages, the friendly people, the local products are olives, olives, olive oil, fresh fish and seafood, olive oil, yogurt, cheese etc.


Agali is a flat seaside settlement surrounded by pine-covered hills and parcels of olive trees ending in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. It has one of the largest beaches in Greece, about 8 km, it is a summer resort and although there are enough summer visitors it is easy to enjoy its private moments away from the world and the hustle and bustle.

Agali is suitable for activities such as cycling, hiking, horseback riding, swimming and all kinds of water sports as well as religious, spiritual life. There are also many cultural events taking place in the area.

The location of the property in Agali settlement is far from the central point where the bulk of the settlement has grown, without being isolated. Its distance from the sea is the width of the road that separates the house from the beach, that is, only a few meters!

Agali, the property and especially its location in the settlement, offers many choices, protecting the desire for family life and private moments in a genuine Greek place.