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Building plot 1.600sqm with a house of 60sqm built on it is for sale. The property is located in a beautiful natural environment in Kerasia.
The residence consists of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen with a passage, which is directly connected to the living room with a fireplace.
Outside has a terrace and balconies overlooking the mountain scenery.
The property is located on the edge of the settlement, in a quiet neighborhood.
An ideal choice for those who love tranquility and the gifts of a life in the natural environment.
It requires a small renovation.
The beaches in the Aegean, such as Fragaki and Agali, as well as in the Evoikos, in Rovies and Limni are 20-30 minutes away.

About the area
Kerassia is a picturesque village at an altitude of 560 meters, east of the Nileas River. The name of the village, which means cherry tree, is due to the many cherry trees that existed in the area. Nature has dowed with real beauty the village, but also the surrounding area. Nearby are the location of “Waterfalls” and a few kilometers away from the famous monastery of Saint David. After half an hour drive is located the town of Limni, Rovies, Istiaia, and Agia Anna in 15 min.
The wider mountainous area of Kerasia is full of paleontological treasures. Both the fossilized forest and the fossilized mammals are of great scientific interest. This forest is a unique natural monument of exceptional interest as it is one of the richest fossil forests of Greece and all of Europe and extends between the villages of Kerasia – Agia Anna – Papades.
The fauna of the area included cutlery (feline like lions), elladotria (giraffes with short neck) and chalokthira. Other animals living in the area were elephants, horsemen, and fish (ancestor of the hyena). Finding a rhinoceros with two horns is a breakthrough and has marked the wide range of findings. Fossilized traces of fauna are kept at the Museum of Palaeontological Findings of Kerasia, which has been operating in the village.