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3023L, Land Plot with a building of 58 sqm

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A parcel of 10.067 sqm with olive trees placed in it, it is located at Ai Giorgis area in Limni Evia.

The parcel is composed of two parts, a’ and b’. It is considered buildable and developable as a whole property, but also each part individually.

The part a’ has an area of 5.720,50 sqm and includes a building of 58 sqm. It is a simple house with 2 fireplaces, consisting of three consecutive rooms, one bathroom, and another room with a separate entrance. The house can be used as an interim solution until the new construction is completed or as a guest room after some repair work.

Part b’ has an area of 4.346,60 sqm.

The need for water is covered by the water supply of Limni but also directly from a source located on the mountain.

It does not have electricity but it is very easy to connect to the electricity network because there are around electrified residences. Another solution, of course, is photovoltaic or other alternative energy sources.

The parcel is perhaps the only one for sale in the area since the few private properties are not for sale while the rest of the land belongs to either the government Forest Authority or to Greek Orthodox Church.



Athens Airport: 178.5km, 2.35h

Aedipsos (ferry boats to the mainland) 36.5km, 30 min

 Geographical location – Access – Information about the area – Property location

The Island of Evia

The position of Evia in Greece is east of the mainland. It is connected to it, except the sea through Glyfa or Arkitsas via the high bridge of Chalkis or the old bridge of Evripos. So, although it is an island, access to it is not entirely dependent on weather, air or sea.

Northern Evia is still unexplored and untouched by the massive turnout of tourists. Those who discover it become fanatical fans mainly for the wonderful nature, the tranquility, the calm sea of Evoikos Gulf and the Aegean Sea and the mountainous landscapes and villages just a few kilometers away. You will find picturesque villages, friendly people and will taste local products such as wine, edible olives, olive oil, fresh fish and seafood, yogurt, cheese, etc.

On the way through Chalkida, you will find yourself among the plane trees and pine trees, and after a few kilometers, you will look at the Evoikos Gulf or the Aegean Sea, depending on your destination.


The town of Limni is the capital of the three adjoining municipalities of Elymnion, Nileas, and Kireas. Limni is a historic and traditional settlement, surrounded by pine-covered hills, built amphitheatrically, always watching the tranquil waters of northern Euboean Gulf, while on the skyline, besides the nearby mountain Kandili dominates the enchanting mountain of Parnassus covered with snow for several months of time, located on the mainland, near the ancient Delphi area.

Being the capital of the three municipalities Limni has several services including a police station, port authority, forestry service, a post office, two banks, a notary office and land register, lawyers, and the Town Hall. There are doctors and pharmacies, beauty services, supermarkets, and mini markets, grocery stores, bakeries and confectionery shops, stationery, and gift shops; you can buy fresh fish from the fish shop or directly from the fishermen early in the morning. Of course, you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood, as well as traditional Greek food, at the ouzeris and tavernas along the seafront accompanied by fine local wine at any time.

Saint George-Limni

The location of Saint George (Ai Giorgis) is 6,500 km southeast of Limni. Its emblem is the imposing mount Kandili who is standing like guarding the beautiful Gulf of St George beach. The area is well known to those who visit the Galataki Monastery, to those who previous years had visited the Anastasios Christomanos Marine Museum, and to nature-lovers. Although the greenery was hurt in the past by the consequences of the fire that burned the area it didn’t lose its unique character and charm. It remains precious!