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  • Posted on in  Parcels
  • 1997

A parcel of 4,410 sqm, distributed by the Ministry of Agriculture, located in Strofilia. The parcel is considered buildable and developable.


StrofΙlia is a village of the wider modern Municipality of Mandoudi-Limni-Agia Anna.

It is almost equidistant from Mantoudi, Limni and Agia Anna, the three central cities of the Municipality.

It is a low-lying region, with a fertile land and for this, many of the inhabitants, you are engaged in agriculture and the production of products such as olives, tsipouro wine, and vegetables

On the way through Chalkida you will find yourself among the plane trees and pine trees, and after a few kilometers, you will look at the Euboikos or the Aegean Sea, depending on your destination.

The price is negotiable.


Chalkida 64 km

Lake 15.3 km

Agia Anna 6.6 km

Airport 156 km


The Island of Evia

The position of Evia in Greece is east of the mainland. It is connected to it, except the sea through Glyfa or Akitsas, via the high bridge of Chalkis or the old bridge of Evripos. So, although it is an island, access to it is not entirely dependent on weather, air or sea.

Northern Evia is still unexplored and untouched by the massive turnout of tourists. Those who discover it become fanatical fans mainly for the wonderful nature, the tranquility, the calm sea of Euboean Gulf and the Aegean Sea and the mountainous landscapes and villages just a few kilometers away. You will find picturesque villages, friendly people and will taste local products such as wine, edible olives, olive oil, fresh fish and seafood, yogurt, cheese etc.