Tips for the proper presentation of the property to buyers.

Advertising, property promotion and partnerships with other brokers in Greece and abroad with a view to raising the number of potential buyers

Information on the collection of the supporting documents required for the sale or if you prefer, Evia Property is delegated to the completion of the property's file.

Communication via emails or skype, informing potential buyers about the state of the property, visits to real estate

Through Evia Property you can collaborate with a network of skilled and experienced outside partners to get the greatest possible success on plans for your property. Proffessionals as lawyer, accountant, insurer, translator, surveyor, civil engineer, architect, carpenter, blacksmith, painter, builder, plumber, electrician and others can be trusted. The years we have been active in our region have helped us to distinguish our competent and trusted collaborators.

You can let us undertake all the tasks you have to do for as long as you're away; from paying your bills up to coordinating the tasks which need to be done in order to progress the procedure of building your house, keeping you  well informed during the whole progress.

For us in Evia Property, it is important in all agreements to ensure "good work and trust".